Willow Creek Signs, Inc. ("Company") has adopted this Privacy Policy for its willowcreeksigns.com website (the "Site").  The Policy describes situations in which information about users of the Site is collected, the purposes and use of that information, and choices you can make about information that pertains to you.  In this Policy, Company is referred to as "we" or "our."  Users of the Site are referred to as "you."

What We Do.  We use our website to publish information about our products and services and to enable users to purchase certain products online.  We try to make it easy to use the Site and to deliver relevant information to you and other users.  In order to accomplish these goals, we need to collect information from or about users of the Site.

Types of Information Collected.  There are three general types of information that may be collected as a consequence of your use of the Site.  The most common is what we describe as "anonymous information."  It is anonymous in the sense that it ties to an IP address, i.e. the machine used to generate the visit to the Site but provides no information that is specific to the user of that machine.  The second is personally identifiable information ("PII"). PII includes your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, or other information that is specific to you.  Generally, any PII we have about you would have to have been furnished by you.  Finally, we may obtain credit card information if you purchase products from us.  We handle different types of user information in different ways.  The type of information being collected impacts on whether or how much third-party access is permitted.

Anonymous Information We Collect to Provide Better User Experience.  In order to make user visits to our Site more productive and enjoyable, we may use "cookies" to track those visits.  A cookie collects anonymous information.  Using cookies allows us to know if users of a particular computer have been on the Site before.  That information, in turn, allows us to do things like display to you the searches you undertook on recent visits to the Site.  

Cookies are downloaded onto your computer from our servers.  They cannot be opened or run by us on your computer and they cannot infect your computer with viruses.  You can disable cookies or otherwise manage them through tools provided with your browser software or with commercially available software packages.  If you turn off cookies, though, some features of the Site will not work as well or at all.  Furthermore, if you simply remove cookies, you should be aware that another cookie will be downloaded on your next visit to the Site.  It is a process that happens automatically.

We or our vendors may also collect anonymous Site visit information in order to measure online marketing activity, to determine how the Site is working, to evaluate the content on the Site about which users are interested, and to otherwise try to make the Site meet user needs. Generally, information captured for these purposes is reviewed and utilized in an aggregated fashion.  That is, we focus more on number or frequency of uses than on any particular visit.

Personally Identifiable Information We Collect on the Site.  We collect PII on the Site when you purchase products from us.  Our primary purpose for collecting the information is to enable prompt and accurate processing of your order.  We may also use PII to include you in email, website or direct mail announcements that contain information perceived to be of relevance to you.  You can opt out of this use.

If you are an existing customer, we may have collected your PII through other means, including face-to-face or telephone contacts. This Private Policy relates only to information obtained as a consequence of your use of the Site. Except as described below, we will not sell, rent, or share any of your PII to or with third parties unless you have expressly consented to that use. If we were to sell our business, the PII we have compiled would likely be transferred as part of that transaction. To the extent that PII was collected from use of the Site, though, the buyer would be subject to the same limitations on use of PII that are described in this Privacy Policy.

Data Security.  We develop, implement and periodically review procedures that are intended to protect personally identifiable information and any sensitive financial information stored by us.

Social Media Accounts.  We may collect information about you through social media accounts affiliated with us or the Site.  Unless you specifically choose to allow that information to be used in other ways (like e-mail newsletters or contests), we will only uses the information accessible as a consequence of contact by you through your social media account to contact you through the same social media channel where the original connection was made.

Information About Children.  The services we offer on the Site are not developed for, nor directed at children.  We do not employ or offer targeting toward children under the age of 18.  If you believe that your child has provided us with personal information and would like to have that information removed, you can contact us in the manner described in the "Contacts" section of this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Choices.  If you wish to know whether we have collected personally identifiable information about you online, please contact us via the information posted on our Site.  We will use good faith efforts to respond within a reasonable time to your inquiry.  Similarly, we will use good faith efforts to respond within a reasonable time to any requests to you may make to update or change any PII which has been collected on or through our Site about you.

If you do not want us to use PII obtained on or through the Site to include you in e-mail, direct mail, or website announcements, you can opt out of that use of your PII.  That opting out can be accomplished by clicking "unsubscribe" on an e-mail if that choice is provided or by contacting us via the information on our Site.

We will not disclose your PII to third parties for marketing purposes (other than a transfer of all records and information in connection with sale of our company) without your express consent (opt in).  Finally, if there are legally-required opt in or opt out choices that apply to us and are different from what is in this Policy, we intend to comply with those legal requirements.  Please let us know if you believe that information about you needs to be handled differently from what happens under our current practice.

Contacts.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via the contact information on our Site.

Consent/Dispute.  By using the Site, you consent to the collection and use of information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.  If you feel that we aren't following our Privacy Policy with respect to information about you, please contact us at the e-mail address or mailing address listed above. Any unresolved disputes about our collection or use of information collected about you shall be subject to our Terms of Use of Site and shall be exclusively resolved by the method described in that Terms of Use.

Changes to Policy.  We may change this Policy at any time.  When we make changes to the policy, we will update the date in this section.  Please check the Privacy Policy from time to time to see whether there have been any changes that would affect your decision to use the Site or to opt in or opt out of uses of your information.

Effective Date: 04-01-2019